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PU-RIM.com sells the highest quality and economical high pressure RIM mixing heads. Our RIM mixing heads have been developed over the course of 20 years of mixing head and polyurethane plant engineering field experience. PU-RIM.com is owned by Esco Group, Inc., the mixing heads and other products offered on our site are engineered and produced in South Korea.

Esco Esco Group, Inc. also widely known as Edge-Sweets is a world leader in low pressure polyurethane processing technology, specializing in advanced PU systems processing, elastomers and filled systems. Esco ships metering and mixing machines throughout the global polyurethane market.

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Given the quality and the performance of PU-RIM.com mixing heads new customers will find our pricing very attractive and economical. The quality of our RIM heads is outstanding! From surface finishes and machining quality to the advance material science and technology utilized, our heads offer unparalleled value, quality and performance!

Warranty & Guaranteed Quality

Each mixing head sold by PU-RIM.com is bench tested and inspected by quality control technicians in Korea. We guarantee our products and workmanship to be free of defects. As such we offer a 3 month warranty or 300,000 shots whichever comes first.

Mixing heads returned for warranty evaluation must not be disassembled by customers. Customer disassembly will void the warranty.

This warranty offer only includes repair or replacement at PU-RIM.com discretion.

PU-RIM.com, Esco Group, Inc., may not be held liable for losses such as profits, future sales, labor costs, scrap or material disposal.

Shipping and Lead Times

New mixing heads ship in 3-4 weeks of order receipt for standard mixing heads. Please add an additional week for shipping to your location in North America. Non-Standard mixing heads require 1-2 weeks more depending on the customizations requested. All orders are shipped via UPS, expedited shipping is aviable.

Payment Terms

Customer orders may be placed by issuing a purchase order as well as placing a 30% deposit made by business check, wire, ACH or credit card. The remaining balance being settled prior to shipping to the customer.

Credit Terms are available to qualifing customers, please contact us to discuss credit terms.

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