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L-Type Mixing Heads - MXL

Cannon FLP With L-Type mixing heads, the mixing chamber is offset by 90° to the outlet nozzle. Because of this offset L-Type mixing heads ensure laminar flow of the mixed components, providing smooth splash free output even with small output volumes into open molds.

PU-RIM.com's mixing heads have been developed over 20 years of RIM and plant engineering experience. Our mixing heads mix with higher efficiency due to our injector nozzle design and angle.

MXL Mixing Heads are available as 2,3,4 and 6 component.

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MXL Output Ranges

2 Component - MXL-2C

Cannon FLP L-Type two component polyurethane mixing heads are the backbone of the MXL line of high pressure RIM heads. Efficient mixing is achieved inside the mixing chamber by the turbulence created from the collision of the isocyanate and polyol. Polyurethane component stream pressure is adjusted by independently adjustable orifices. After a shot is complete, both the mixing chamber and the outlet nozzle are automatically mechanically cleaned.

Common MXL-2C Applications:

  • Refrigerator Doors
  • Refrigerator Cabinets
  • Door Trim
  • Steering Wheels
  • Car Seats
  • Arm Rests
  • Integral Skin Foams
  • Cannon FLP In applications where robots or other precision positioning systems are required, the compact design and relative light weight of the MXL-2C RIM mix heads means: smaller robots, actuators and lower automation costs.

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    MXL Output Ranges

    4 Component Single Head - MXL-4CS

    The MXL-4CS style head utilizes one mixing chamber piston with four recirculation grooves.

    Cannon FLP

    The ability to efficiently and thoroughly mix four streams (typically one iso and three polyols) allows for advanced polyurethane system processing capabilities on the MXL-4CS. High resilience foams and PU systems commonly used in the automotive industry are a perfect fit for this 4 component high pressure polyurethane mixing head.

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    MXL Output Ranges

    4 Component Double Head - MXL-4CD

    Cannon FLP The MXL-4CD RIM mixing head is essentially two mixing heads that share a common outlet nozzle and cleanout plunger. With this configuration the mixing head can process two different polyurethane systems by indepentandly actuating each mixing pistion.

    The firing sequence of the MXL-4CD is as follows: The clean out plunger is retracted; mixing chamber piston 1 retracts allowing polyurethane system 1 into the mixing chamber, once the shot is complete the mixing chamber piston is energized putting PU system 1 back into recirculation; next, mixing chamber piston 2 retracts allowing polyurethane system 2 into the mixing chamber and the PU system 2 is returned to recirculation; finally the clean out plunger piston is energized to the closed position thereby completing the cycle and at the same time mechanically cleaning the outlet nozzle.

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    MXL Output Ranges

    Cannon FLP Using the MXL-4CD end users have the ability to pour two different PU systems into a tool using one head but with two shots. Automotive seating products are often designed with two different PU systems that have different final physical properties and densities at different locations within the tooling. The MXL-4CD allows product developers and RIM foam shops to produce complex produce simply and with a small overall foot print and cost.

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    MXL Output Ranges

    Straight RIM Heads - MXS

    Straight type high pressure polyurethane RIM mixing heads utilize one piston, mixing chamber and nozzle versus the two cylinder and independent mixing chamber and outlet nozzle of the L-Type mixing head. The MXS line of straight type PU mixing heads are commonly used in close mold applications as well as rigid insulation system such as continuous Structured Insulated Panel (SIP) lines. MXL Straight Type Mixing Head

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    Reactant fluids enter the RIM head through nozzle or orifice assemblies. The assemblies are high tech needle values that allow for pressure adjustments across the valve and the mixing chamber. Over time nozzle cones and needles wear due to the friction of the fluids passing through the assembly.

    Below is a diagram of a nozzle/orifice assembly. MXL Straight Type Mixing Head

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    • Seal Kits
    • Proximity Senors