High Pressure RIM Mixing Heads

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Comparative Mixing Head Data

Listed below are the standard mixing heads that PU-RIM.com offers and the corresponding mixing head model data of other common mixing head suppliers such as: Cannon, Hennecke, Krauss Maffei (KM) and (EMB) Elastogram. The MXL and MXS high pressure RIM polyurethane mixing heads listed are direct replacements for the model number of the competitive suppliers heads. This mean the PU-RIM.com mixing heads have very similar specifications and the heads will utilize the same mounting hardware.

PU-RIM.com Cannon Hennecke Krauss Maffei (KM) EMB (Elastogram)
MXL Mixing Heds (L-Type)
MXL 0507-2C   MT6, MX8 MK 5/8-2K  
MXL 0608-2C FPL 10 MT8, MX8 MK 5/8-2K MKE 10-3B
MXL 0812-2C/3C   MT12, MX1,2 MQ12 MK 8/12-2K  
MXL 1014-2C FPL 14     SMA 10-2/16, MKE 14-3B
MXL 1016-2C     MK 10/15-2K SMA 14-4/22
MXL 1218-2C FPL 18 MT18, MX18, MQ18 MK 12/18-2K  
MXL 1220-2C       MKE 20-3B
MXL 1220-4CD     MK 12-12/18-2K  
MXL 1220-4CS   MQ18-4C MK 14/20-4CN  
MXL 1422-2C       MKE 14-2/22
MXL 1422-4CD FP2L 22      
MXL 1625-2C FPL 24 MT26, MX25, MQ25 MK 16/25-2K SMA 20-2/32, MKE 24-3B
MXL 18/22-6CS   MT22-6 MK 18/22-6CN  
MXS Mixing Heads (Straight Type)
MXS 10-2C LN 10     MKE 10-2K, MKE 10-3B
MXS 18-2C LN 18     MKE 20-2K
MXS 25-2C LN 25     MKE 28-2K, MKE 24-3B
MXS 30-2C       MKE 28-2K
MXS 36-4C       MKE 28-2K

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Output Range by Mixing Head Models

Below are the output ranges and flow rates of our RIM mixing heads at different ratios. The viscosity of each component of the PU system being processed may affect the processing ability, output and flow rates.

Models Mixing Ratio & Output (g/sec)
1:1 2:1 3:1 Laminar Flow Range with Open Mold
MXL Mixing Heds (L-Type)
MXL 0608-2C 15~70 15~55 20~45 15~70
MXL 0610-2C 30~300 35~255 40~200 20~140
MXL 0812-2C/3C 40~550 45~410 50~370 40~220
MXL 1014-2C/3C 50~660 120~600 150~500 80~300
MXL 1218-2C/3C 110~1300 120~825 130~740 120~400
MXL 1220-2C/4C 130~1500 130~950 150~900 130~450
MXL 1422-2C/4C 180~1800 200~1500 300~1200 250~650
MXL 1625-2C 250~2200 270~1800 300~1600 400~800
MXS Mixing Heads (Straight Type)
MXS 10-2C 70~600 200~1000 230~900
MXS 12-2C 150~1300 450~2300 500~2000
MXS 18-2C 400~2500 1250~4500 1400~4000
MXS 25-2C 1000~5000 1500~6000 1500~5000
MXS 30-2C 1500~7000 3000~9000 3000~8000
MXS 36-2C/4C 3000~10000    

MXL Mixhead Flow Rates

MXL Flow Rates